To you young lady...

Today, Christ asks you too: “If you want, come and follow me”

I need you to continue saving the world
I need you to look at a sad child
I need you to dry a tear
I need you to forgive a brother
I need you to shake a hand
I need you …


Even a single glass of water given in the name of Christ will have its reward…

To the young people (Vita Consecrata # 106)
To you, young people, I say: if you hear the Lord's call, do not reject it! Dare to become part of the great movements of holiness which renowned saints have launched in their following of Christ. Cultivate the ideals proper to your age, but readily accept God's plan for you if he invites you to seek holiness in the consecrated life. Admire all God's works in the world, but be ready to fix your eyes on the things destined never to pass away.

The Third Millennium awaits the contribution of the faith and creativity of great numbers of young consecrated persons, that the world may be made more peaceful and able to welcome God and, in him, all his sons and daughters.

The young ladies who consecrate themselves to God

Speech of St. Alfonso Maria Fusco To the young ladies who wish to consecrate themselves to God

The young girls, who consecrate their virginity to God, become in the eyes of Jesus, as beautiful as the Angels of Heaven.
In the Gospel, our Redeemer is now called Father, now Teacher, now Shepherd, but with regard to virgins, He calls himself Groom. Who will ever be able to understand here on earth the glory that God prepares for his virgin spouses in Paradise?
If Jesus calls you to His love and wants you to be His spouses, follow Him joyfully! It will be His thought to keep you consoled even in the midst of suffering. When you hand over yourself to the Lord, what you will suffer, you will suffer for the love of Jesus, and Jesus will make the cross light and sweet for you.
After you have consecrated your body to Jesus, you must consecrate your whole heart to Him, so that your heart is totally devoted to loving Him. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the suitable means so that you may all belong to Jesus: mental prayer, reception of the sacraments, obedience, mortification, discretion, wisdom and authority, all this is needed in order to preserve oneself "sicut lilium inter spinas", like a lily among thorns.

Jesus loves pure souls. He is the Bridegroom who feeds among the lilies.

St. Alfonso M. Fusco - AD 1875

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