The Government

The General Government

The General Government is composed of the Superior General as president and four Councilors, possibly of various nationalities. The General Chapter elects them.

The primary task of the General Government is to promote the spiritual well-being of the Institute; animate, direct, guarantee fidelity to the charism, safeguard the unity and the apostolic purpose of the Institute; to help the Provinces, Vice-Provinces, Delegations and Houses directly dependent on the General Council, and to give a concrete response to the needs of the times and places.

The Superior General

The Superior General constitutes the first authority of the Congregation, which she rules and governs in the spirit of the Founder, facing and solving problems at a general level. She has direct and mediate authority over the entire Congregation and over each member.

The specific duty of the Superior General is to foster and preserve the unity of the Congregation in the spirit of fraternal love, to blend diversities in a harmonious and dynamic interdependence. Inspired by the principle of subsidiarity, she exercises her authority not in isolation, but in solidarity with all the Superiors of the Congregation.

Organizational Chart

<h6>Sr. Lina Pantano: <i>Superior General</i></h6>
Sr. Lina Pantano: Superior General
<h6>Sr. Teresina Kunnath: </br><i>Vicar General</i></h6>
Sr. Teresina Kunnath:
Vicar General
<h6>Sr. Jesusita O. Cubillo: </br><i>2nd Councilor</i></h6>
Sr. Jesusita O. Cubillo:
2nd Councilor
<h6>Sr. Judith Anne Shemi: </br><i>3rd Councilor</i></h6>
Sr. Judith Anne Shemi:
3rd Councilor
<h6>Sr. Theresa Ann D’Onofrio:</br><i>4th Councilor/i></h6>
Sr. Theresa Ann D’Onofrio:
4th Councilor/i>
<h6>Sr. Sahaya S. Rani Soosai Manickam:</br><i>Secretary General</i></h6>
Sr. Sahaya S. Rani Soosai Manickam:
Secretary General
<h6>Sr. Maria Flavia Marcello:</br><i>Treasurer General</i></h6>
Sr. Maria Flavia Marcello:
Treasurer General
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