Support at a Distance

"What you did to my least of my brothers and sisters, you did to me"

Support a child in our care:
With $ 30 a month you can support a child at a distance living in a disadvantaged situation and provide for his primary needs such as food, medicines and education.

For these children, your help is precious and indispensable. You can help them with a monthly, yearly or one time contribution.
With this simple and immediate means of solidarity, you can ensure a better future for a child in their own land, among their own people, and in their own family.

Scholastic Support a through a Scholarship
With $100.00 a year, you can offer a scholarship to a boy/girl in difficulty. It includes school fees, books, notebooks, stationery, etc.

To be the protagonist of a child's future is a satisfaction that is good for the heart and makes you happy

Adopt a teacher
With $ 50 a month, you can ensure a teacher's monthly salary, education and cultural training for the children of a class, and at the same time provide financial security for his or her family.

It is important to improve the living conditions of poor families in cultural contexts different from ours.

Any small contribution will be accepted
You can also help the children of our missions with whatever you can,
with a one time commitment.

All children need food, care and love so that everyone has the opportunity to grow free and autonomous, able to build their own future and become promoters of the development of their country


you can choose to sponsor a child in our facilities at a distance:

Zambia – Philippines – India – Mexico, Madagascar – Brazil – Vietnam

What is Support at a Distance?
In the world there is so much desire to do good, and we Baptistine Sisters, through support at a distance, offer to those who wish to help those in need, even if geographically far from us. Support at a Distance, in fact, is an act of solidarity that guarantees minors from the developing countries economic aid, so that they receive the basic necessities, education and medical care they need.
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Support at a Distance provides assistance for certain aspects of the child's life

- Health (medical care and medicines)
- School (tuition fees and educational materials)
- Nutrition
- Registration for Personal Documents
- Clothing and toys
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Support at a Distance is a great help for our missions. The children to be supported are always children in difficulty who, for various reasons, cannot be helped by their families. Those who support them give them the opportunity to grow, take care of themselves, study and fit into society with dignity. We invite interested persons to sponsor a child.
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You can also donate by bank transfer:

Heading: Associazione Battistina Alfonso M. Fusco ETS
IBAN: IT40L0306909606100000195383

Our heart must be like a lamp  
in which the flame of love for God and neighbor burns perpetually
 From this flame two burning glows must depart perpetually:
one to ascend to heaven,
the other to descend to the smallest of our brothers and sisters
Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco
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