The Emblem of the Congregation

Explanation of the meaning of the CSSJB Emblem

Explanation of the Institute's Emblem

The emblem of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist is formed by a shield that symbolizes the faith that defends the Institute from snares, it is divided into two parts, one red and one white, since the sword divided St. John’s body into two.

The red side represents the innocent blood that flowed from the body of the forerunner, while the white indicates the purity of his face left without blood due to the cruel mutilation.

With the words "Ecce Agnus Dei" carved in gold on the green ribbon around the sword with the cross handle, St. John announces the good news to the world.
The exterior is adorned with a rosary, with the Hail Marys in blue stone, a symbol of peace and innocence. The Our Father in gold, a symbol of light, truth and prayer. CSSJB means Congregation of the Sisters of Saint John the Baptist.

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